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Thomas Nelson's

Fan Fold SU-27 Flanker

Download Plans

Thomas Nelson’s Fan Fold Flanker 

Scale: 1:22
Area: just over 200 square inches
WS: 24"
AUW: 18.5 ounces
Motor: Mega 16-15-5 Prop: Graupner CAM 5.5 x 4.3, or Aeronaut Carbon 6.5 x 4
ESC: Castle Creations Phoenix 45 (with BEC)
Cells: 4S1P ThunderPower 2100
Controls: 2 servos (HS-55) driving Tailerons (elevon subroutine on the Tx) 

Download the Flanker plans by clicking here

Thomas Nelson’s SU-27 Flanker is an absolutely stunning model no matter how you look at it.  Performance is stellar on the recommended brushless set up and this bird is about as sexy as any I have seen.  Construction methods are straightforward and quite innovative.  While this jet is an easy build, it’s not suitable for beginning flyers or builders.  I would recommend having a kit or two under your belt and some experience flying a fairly fast aileron plane before attempting this great little jet.  Simply put, if you can fly a Zagi or any of the Foamy Factory airplanes, you can fly one of these. 

Plans and the construction guide are presented here for free and can be downloaded by clicking on this link.  The download file includes tiled and full sheet plans in .pdf format, the “Construction Guide”, and .pdf decal sheets.  Decals can be made on your home computer with “Avery Clear Label Paper” and a color printer. 

There is also an excellent thread on Ezone Magazine that details the construction and set up of this great little fighter.  Thomas is also starting a new thread on Ezone to help those with questions about the building and flying.  Click here to read or post questions on the new construction thread.  If you have any questions, please post them on the Ezone thread.  Chances are that you will receive an answer much quicker (often within minutes) than by email, as there is quite a bit of interest about the Flanker, and many people will be building and posting.  

For those who have the free FMS (Flying Model Simulator), you can download a simulator of the Flanker, which has been tweaked to mimic the flight envelope. (Many thanks to Gary Gunners for creating the simulation of the '27). The diehards out there checking into the .par file will notice that the parameters chosen are not "real world" ... "I settled upon these parameters only because they best emulated the flight characteristics I observed". So, it's as close to "fly before you build" as you can get!

SU-27 Flanker Videos

Maiden Flight - Climbing Rolls - Flight with Lipos

SU-27 Flanker Links

Original Ezone Magazine Flanker Build Thread

New Ezone Magazine Flanker Build Thread


Download the Flanker plans by clicking here


Download the Flanker plans by clicking here




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