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Frequently Asked Questions


The Foamy Factory threads on Ezone are the best place to get answers to questions on all of the Foamy Factory airplanes.  These threads are quite active and often times you can get an answer to a question in minutes instead of waiting for an email reply.  I am often away from my computer for several days at a time and it makes it hard to respond as quickly as I would like to.  If you are not a member of Ezone, I HIGHLY recommend that you join.  Signing up is quick, free, and some of the worlds greatest people hang out there.  I learned everything I know about electric RC from reading and interacting at Ezone.  Just click on one of the links below and follow the "Become a Member" instructions.

3DX and Ultimate Biplane thread #1 contains complete building and flying info, but is closed to posts due to it's huge size on Ezone's servers.  This is the thread that started it all!  Foamy Factory Models was just a gleam in my eye when I started this thread.  If you have never built one of these foamy wonders, I would highly suggest you start here. 

3DX, Ultimate Biplane, and Yak 54 thread #9 contains even more info and is open to posting.  This is the currently active thread and the absolute best place to find answers to those questions that always seem to pop up.  Click on the link above to make a post or just log in and say "Hi".  I'm almost always lurking about and answering questions in the currently active thread.

OK, so now what?...  I'll try to answer some the most common questions I get.  I'll be adding to this section regularly, so if you don't see the answer here, feel free to email me or log onto Ezone and post your question.

What kind of foam is used? - 

Where do I get the foam -

Do I need any sort of special foam cutting equipment such as a hot wire bow? -

What kind of glue do I use? -

Are these Foamy Factory models good as a first airplane -

How do I print the plans -

I've downloaded the plans but I can't open them or print them. -

What motor should I use -

What batteries should I use -

I've built the plane just like on the plans, but it doesn't have any power -

Why is brushless better than brushed -

Are Lithium Polymer batteries safe -

What does this 3s1p, 3s2p, etc. designation mean when regarding Lipo cells -

OK... You got me...  I ran out of time updating the site, so I haven't had a chance to finish answering the questions.  I'll get back to it soon, I promise...





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