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Coming Soon from Foamy Factory!



F-20 Tigershark Pusher Parkjet

F-20 Preview Video (6.5mb)

Click Here To Download Free Plans!

Wingspan - 29"

Length - 48"

AUW - 20oz.

Hypermax Super High Performance Lithium Polymer Batteries Coming Soon!



Thomas Nelson's AWESOME Fan Fold Flanker!

If all goes well, Foamy Factory will be hosting the plans for this killer Fan Fold Jet.  Power is a pusher prop Mega 16/15/4.  Click here for the current Ezone construction thread on the Flanker. Make Your Own Fanfold Flanker




Outrageous Foamy Edge 540T V2

  WS: 39 1/2"
Length: 47 1/2"
Wt: 19-22oz.
Motors: Mega 16/15/3 w/ 2.5:1 Mega planetary gearbox, Hacker B20-15L w/4:1 planetary gearbox, Razor 2500a,
HiMax HA2025-4236
Prop: APC Slowflyer 11x4.7
Batt: 3s 2100ma Lipoly, 9 HE Cell 1100mh NiMH

Free Plans are being re-vamped now, and will be available soon!  Here is a link to the original Ezone thread on the Edge 540T build.  Lot's of info here!


Aermachi MB339

Speed 400 size pusher, and a larger one for Mega 22/20/x.  Both will be well suited for PSS slope glider fun!

Photo is of completed prototype for Mega 22/20/4 (pusher prop)

Currently on hold.  Look for the MB339 sometime in 2004 (who knows when...)


  Prototype Specs:
Wing Span - 40" (not including tip tanks)
Length - 44"
Motor/Prop - Mega 22/20/4; 9x6 APCE 
Controller - Jeti 40 3p opto
Battery - 10 cell CP1700
Weight as tested - 55oz.

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